1. “We did everything right, yet our government allows these banks to steal our very homes out from under us.” – Debbie Austin, Portland OR.

    The Austin’s came out as the first family in Oregon publicly fighting their eviction in Dec 2011. Both Debbie and Ron were diagnosed with cancer and slipped into foreclosure. They made all their payments but Fannie Mae is arguing that they missed a single payment. The Austins have tried the court system, waving the receipt for the alleged missed payment but to no avail. Sadly, like many contesting their foreclosure their case was thrown out because they could not afford a lawyer.

    In the early morning hours of January 18th, Sheriff’s deputies carried out an eviction order on the Austin family. This is a double blow because the evicting party is Fannie Mae, a publicly owned and funded institution that controls half of all the mortgages in the United States. Fannie Mae has become a target of national eviction resistance efforts in recent months as communities stand up to say that it is not in the public interest to evict families from their homes so that banks and developers may increase their profits. Fannie Mae must stop all evictions immediately!

    The Austin family is working with We Are Oregon to fight back.

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